About Della

i-JXxcpTz-LVoted “Best of the Best” five years in a row, Della Watters lives up to her title.  Taking  more than just run-of-the-mill photos, Della captures the essence of a moment, freezing the emotions and the laughter forever.  With her discerning eye, Della captures the moments most often missed, ensuring that these priceless memories are preserved.

With over a decade of experience, Della has photographed weddings at such prestigious venues as Baha Principe, St. Peter’s Parish, and the Omni Bedford Springs, where she is Official Resort Photographer.  Della’s style is classic, yet timeless, as she strives to showcase true beauty in every photograph.

Della is based in scenic Bedford, PA, and has strong connections within all of Central PA.  Her clientele include events, family portraits, weddings, and everything in between!


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