Wizard of Oz Everett Drama Club 2018

The Everett Area Middle School/ High School Drama club performed the musical, The Wizard of Oz On November 16 and 17.  The students were under the direction of Shery Foor who also choreographed the dance numbers. Larry Sarvey was the orchestra conductor while Scott Stover was master carpenter.

I was wowed by the hard work the kids put into months of rehearsals.  Here are some of the highlights from the show.Oz 2018 1

Leads included  Anna Belle Stover as Dorothy Gale ,  Jacob Smith as Scarecrow / Hunk, Hunter Berkstresser as Tinman / Hickory,   Izaac Snyder as Cowardly Lion / Zeke,    Morgann Eisenhart  as Glinda / Aunt Em,  Kyle Duvall as Uncle Henry , Marissa Foor as Wicked Witch / Miss Almira Gulch,  Matthew Wilt  as  Oz / Professor , Micah Seese as Emerald City Guard, Ian Klahre as Mayor, Gaven Brown as Barrister, Ava Weicht as    Coroner,  Emily Hess as City Father,  Delmont Hollis as City Father,      Tori Steel, Violet Johnson, Kristen Propst as  Crows, Matthew Wilt, Kyle Duvall, Noah Shaffer as Trees,    Clinton Russell  as Winkie General , and    Adriona Barrick as Nikko.                                   Oz 2018 29

Students and community musicians participated in the Orchestra under the direction of Larry Sarvey.Oz 2018 31

Don and Ginger Fair of Soaring Eagle Productions provided lighting and sound in addition to media presentations for the tornado and Oz scenes.

Oz 2018 3

Here are some of the images from the show.

Oz 2018 7

Oz 2018 8

Oz 2018 19

Oz 2018 12

Oz 2018 9

Oz 2018 32

Oz 2018 27

Oz 2018 33Oz 2018 28

Oz 2018 6

Oz 2018 10

Oz 2018 25

Oz 2018 11

Oz 2018 5

Oz 2018 20

Oz 2018 16

Oz 2018 15

Oz 2018 14

Oz 2018 30

Oz 2018 17

Oz 2018 18

Oz 2018 21

Oz 2018 23

Oz 2018 24

Tank made a fantastic Toto!

Oz 2018 22

Oz 2018 26

Due to the snow day on Thursday the elementary students attended a Friday am preview with the older students.

Oz 2018 4

Congratulations to the cast and crew for a fantastic performance.

Oz 2018 2


The Little Mermaid–Everett Drama Club 2016

The Everett Area Middle and High School Drama Club gave a vibrant, energetic performance of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Their talent was evident as they danced and sang through “Under the Sea,”  “She’s in Love”  and “Part of your World.” It was impressive to watch the students come alive on stage and give the performances their energy.  Kudos to Sean Cogan,  Larry Sarvey, Shery Foor and all who helped with costumes, set design and construction, props, tickets and more.  THANK YOU for  giving this amazing performance to our community. 
See more pictures here: 
Little Mermaid Pictures at WattersWorks.com
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