Kristine & Dan

Kristine and Dan held their May 26 wedding and reception in the Altoona Grand Hotel. The venue was spacious and accommodating for their family and friends. KristineDanWedding 1KristineDanWedding 2KristineDanWedding 3KristineDanWedding 4KristineDanWedding 5KristineDanWedding 6KristineDanWedding 7KristineDanWedding 8KristineDanWedding 9KristineDanWedding 10KristineDanWedding 11KristineDanWedding 12

We moved to Legion Park to create some more memories and capture the beauty of the spring day. Dan and Kristine couldn’t stop smiling. KristineDanWedding 13KristineDanWedding 14KristineDanWedding 15KristineDanWedding 16KristineDanWedding 17KristineDanWedding 18

The Snowball Express was too tempting on a warm afternoon, so we stopped for a quick refreshment.KristineDanWedding 19

Kristine’s love of the softball field drew her in for batting practice.  We’re pretty sure their wedding scored a home run for the win!KristineDanWedding 20KristineDanWedding 21KristineDanWedding 22

Cinn-a-bon bakery provided the wedding “cake”  with ooey, gooey fresh cinnamon rolls.KristineDanWedding 23KristineDanWedding 24KristineDanWedding 25KristineDanWedding 26

The “Laughter Guaranteed!” Photo Booth provided guests with entertainment and a memory from the evening.  Non-traditional photos with hats and props kept the guests laughing. They left one copy in a book for Kristine and Dan to enjoy later.KristineDanWedding 27

Custom designed prints matched their wedding theme and colors.KristineDanWedding 29

Awe-struck Entertainment with Laine Roland kept the guests on the dance floor and enjoying their favorite songs and group dances. KristineDanWedding 28

Best wishes for a long and happy marriage, Kristine & Dan.  May you always keep the spark for each other that you had on your wedding day.


Laughter Guaranteed Photo Booth Sheetz District 26 Recognition Dinner

The luncheon for Sheetz District 26 employees was a chance to laugh and relax as they were recognized for their years of service. The Laughter Guaranteed Photo Booth provides the opportunity for both formal posed group photos as well as crazy non-traditional portraits. Rocky Gap Casino was the perfect setting for a chance to unwind and celebrate.