Kristine & Dan

Kristine and Dan held their May 26 wedding and reception in the Altoona Grand Hotel. The venue was spacious and accommodating for their family and friends. KristineDanWedding 1KristineDanWedding 2KristineDanWedding 3KristineDanWedding 4KristineDanWedding 5KristineDanWedding 6KristineDanWedding 7KristineDanWedding 8KristineDanWedding 9KristineDanWedding 10KristineDanWedding 11KristineDanWedding 12

We moved to Legion Park to create some more memories and capture the beauty of the spring day. Dan and Kristine couldn’t stop smiling. KristineDanWedding 13KristineDanWedding 14KristineDanWedding 15KristineDanWedding 16KristineDanWedding 17KristineDanWedding 18

The Snowball Express was too tempting on a warm afternoon, so we stopped for a quick refreshment.KristineDanWedding 19

Kristine’s love of the softball field drew her in for batting practice.  We’re pretty sure their wedding scored a home run for the win!KristineDanWedding 20KristineDanWedding 21KristineDanWedding 22

Cinn-a-bon bakery provided the wedding “cake”  with ooey, gooey fresh cinnamon rolls.KristineDanWedding 23KristineDanWedding 24KristineDanWedding 25KristineDanWedding 26

The “Laughter Guaranteed!” Photo Booth provided guests with entertainment and a memory from the evening.  Non-traditional photos with hats and props kept the guests laughing. They left one copy in a book for Kristine and Dan to enjoy later.KristineDanWedding 27

Custom designed prints matched their wedding theme and colors.KristineDanWedding 29

Awe-struck Entertainment with Laine Roland kept the guests on the dance floor and enjoying their favorite songs and group dances. KristineDanWedding 28

Best wishes for a long and happy marriage, Kristine & Dan.  May you always keep the spark for each other that you had on your wedding day.


The great snowball fight of 2017

The Hagemeyers enjoyed a family session this December for the traditional family photos around the tree.Hagemeyer blog 1

The latest additions to their family, Cash and Kohl, joined us, and things got pretty lively!

Hagemeyer blog 2Hagemeyer blog 7

We headed outside since the wind was calmer and the temps were tolerable for a few minutes. Hagemeyer blog 4

When the kids started playing in the snow, it wasn’t long till an epic snowball fight broke out…Hagemeyer blog 6Hagemeyer blog 5

This is what families are all about…playing, laughing and having fun together!

Hagemeyer blog 3

Later in life, when the kids look back at these images, I hope they will fondly recall the fun time they had playing with their family, and the love they shared.

Lauren & Sam Engagement

Lauren and Sam met at Montgomery Community College in a pre-calc class, and hit it off that semester. They have a love for the outdoors–hiking and enjoying nature. We visited some of their favorite locations for the engagement session. It was easy for them to be natural and enjoy each other’s company during the session. Plus, their love for each other is obvious! I’m looking forward to their June wedding and the celebration as they mix cultures and begin their married life together.

Lauren Sam 4Lauren Sam 5Lauren Sam 3Lauren Sam 2Lauren Sam 1


Laurel Senior Portraits

She’s got brains, talent and personality. On the rifle range, Laurel can put on her game face and be a fierce competitor.  But on the inside. she’s got charm and it is easy to see she is a deep thinker.  Laurel is one who quietly stands with confidence, and her ripples radiate to those around her. Thanks for being a great role model for others, Laurel.

Laurel 5 ©2017
Laurel 6 ©2017
Laurel 4 ©2017
Laurel 3 ©2017
Laurel 2 ©2017

Laurel 1

The Little Mermaid–Everett Drama Club 2016

The Everett Area Middle and High School Drama Club gave a vibrant, energetic performance of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Their talent was evident as they danced and sang through “Under the Sea,”  “She’s in Love”  and “Part of your World.” It was impressive to watch the students come alive on stage and give the performances their energy.  Kudos to Sean Cogan,  Larry Sarvey, Shery Foor and all who helped with costumes, set design and construction, props, tickets and more.  THANK YOU for  giving this amazing performance to our community. 
See more pictures here: 
Little Mermaid Pictures at
2016 Cast of The Little Mermaid ©2016

mermaid-blog-1 ©2016
mermaid-blog-8 ©2016
mermaid-blog-20 ©2016
mermaid-blog-17 ©2016
mermaid-blog-16 ©2016
mermaid-blog-18 ©2016
mermaid-blog-19 ©2016
mermaid-blog-15 ©2016
mermaid-blog-9 ©2016
mermaid-blog-3 ©2016


mermaid-blog-10 ©2016
mermaid-blog-7 ©2016
mermaid-blog-6 ©2016
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